A Photographer in the Fog

Good Morning Sydney

This is certainly a moment I will never forget. On my way to a Job last month around 10 am, I could see that there was just a little bit of fog left in the harbour, which is very rare for Sydney, particularly at that time of the day. The fog was lifting quickly and I just got in on time to get some shots.

There was just one other photographer there that morning and we were like kids in a candy store, snapping away like maniacs…

Right time right place.

Racing the Sun

Good Morning Sydney – Never shoot straight in to the Sun. No Solar Eclipse here in Oz, but our friends in the States are getting some amazing looks :).

Wavy Wanda Wonders

Good Morning Sydney

It doesn’t get much better than this early in the morning in the Shire. Really glad I got up early this morning. I have a whole bunch of photos from this morning. Probably will take me a while to get through them all. Too much work on at the moment.

This one is straight out of Camera. No editing, cropping, saturation, nothing. Just a stunning morning…